Start-up Club The RisingFoodStars

EIT Food offers amble opportunities to agrifood start-ups & entrepreneurs in Europe. Support is available at every step of a company’s development, from ideation to acceleration and funding, offered through diverse programmes. An overview of all the opportunities can be found here.

However, the most promising mature start-ups and early scale-ups in the agrifood ecosystems can also become part of EIT Food’s network in a long term collaboration, instead of only benefitting from it through one of the opportunities, by becoming a member of the RisingFoodStars.

The RisingFoodStars, our club of outstanding agrifood start-ups

The RisingFoodStars Association serves as an umbrella association for high potential agrifood start-ups and scale-ups. It is a partner of EIT Food and allows as such its members to participate “on equal height” in all EIT Food activities. The RisingFoodStars are involved in key communications and key events of EIT Food and, as such, contribute to deliver on EIT Food’s strategic objectives.

This unique international innovation vehicle offers outstanding young companies access to knowledge, networks and the opportunity to actively engage in EIT Food’s activities. They are benefitting from  access to the partners, the expert network, programmes, technological infrastructure and business creation support as well as potential customers and distribution channels, which will significantly accelerate their international growth.

On the other hand, as agile and swift partners, they can drive the innovations of the future within this large network. The collaborations between the RisingFoodStars and the other EIT Food partners provide an entrepreneurial and agile innovation culture which will bring complementary competences of start-ups lined up along the food supply chain and unprecedented value in terms of cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models.

The RisingFoodStars Association elevates high potential agrifood start-ups and scale-ups to the next level in becoming the international gamechangers.


  • Foster networking between its members and with the most important players in the European agrifood chain;
  • Encourage its members to further evolve their innovations in an international context, and in cooperation with the members of EIT Food specially;
  • Support its members in technological, technical, marketing and techtransfer issues;
  • Be a valuable source of information and expertise regarding state of the art technology in the field, and to facilitate access to laboratories and equipment (prototyping/scaling facilities) at research institutions and companies to develop products or technologies;
  • Maintain close contacts with international research programs and innovation funding and financing organisations on behalf of its members;
  • Give advice on project opportunities – regarding funding/financing possibilities and innovation content.

How become a member?

Twice a year, a call for new members is launched. Hereby, we look for those companies who are excellent, committed and complementary towards our current members. They are selected, also taking into account their potential in tackling EIT Food’s Strategic Objectives 

If interested, do not hesitate to contact our RisingFoodStars Manager.

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