Our Activities

Business Creation

EIT Food supports entrepreneurs and start-ups through a powerful business creation ecosystem. Support is available at every step of your company's development, from ideation to acceleration and funding.
Business Creation

EIT Food has developed an exceptional end-to-end business creation approach (explore – nurture – scale – grow sustainable) that starts with idea generation support and stimulation and includes an accelerator,  and the RisingFoodStars community of successful and fast-growing start-ups.

Seedbed pre-accelerator

The EIT Food Seedbed Pre-Accelerator Programme supports aspiring entrepreneurs to determine whether there is a market for products or services that utilise innovative agrifood technologies. This multi-location pre-accelerator programme will train and support up to 20 teams over a 4-month period. Selected teams will be provided with the tools, connections, mentors and expertise to help them better understand the needs of their customers and validate their business idea. Find out more here

Innovation Grants

EIT Food’s Innovation Grants celebrates graduates from EIT Food labelled education programmes and the wider agrifood tech community who spur innovation and entrepreneurship and bring about a change in the strategic areas addressed by EIT Food.

In 2019, under the Innovation Grants scheme, the following prize competitions will take place:

  1. Prize competitions available only to those participating in 2019 EIT Food Education activities
  2. Prize competitions open to all agrifood entrepreneurs, innovators and early-stage start-ups:
  • The Innovation Prize competition is open to all agrifood tech entrepreneurs based in  Europe or EIT Food associated countries. Find out more here. 

The EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT FAN)

EIT FAN will operate in 5 innovative hubs (the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Israel and Germany), offering structured 4-month programs with expert coaching to up to 50 start-ups in 2019. Start-ups going through the selection process can compete at the end of the programme for attractive financial prizes for the top 3 startups. Graduates of the EIT FAN can potentially become members of the RisingFoodStars club and consequently become part of the EIT ecosystem and contribute to EIT Food’s innovation strategy. Read more on www.eitfan.eu

The RisingFoodStars 

The RisingFoodStars association is a full member of EIT Food. Its members are outstanding European start-ups from the agrifood-tech area who participate in EIT Food’s innovation, education and business creation activities.  Applications for new members opened on 1 April 2019. Find out more here

Discover our current RisingFoodStars here 

If you want to know more, contact us at rfs@eitfood.eu